Stereotypical Poverty

One can suppose that words like poverty, homelessness, or poor produces a preconceived notion, or idea. Pictures come to mind of dirty faces, drugs, body odor, or “uneducated lazy bums”. However, this writer happens to work at Cookeville Rescue Mission in Cookeville, TN, and can share (firsthand) that there really is not a stereotypical homeless... Continue Reading →


Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare, as it pertains to evangelism, is a war to win souls. Peter tells us in 2 Peter 3:9, God does not wish for anyone to perish, but He wants everyone to repent. Salvation and the gospel is for every person in the world. The Devil will use any means necessary to thwart the... Continue Reading →

Sin & Culture by Ryan Henry

No one likes to be called out on their flaws or wrongdoings, and our culture has become numb or passive to sin. Our culture seems to esteem certain sins higher or lower than others. Take for instance gay marriage, this sin has become a hot topic as of late in courts and homes across the country. The... Continue Reading →

Humility by Ryan Henry

The nature of Christ’s humility is that of a slave or servant. Even though He was God, He did not necessarily use that fact to His advantage. He came in Human form taking on the flaws and weakness of a human body, except sin. He could have come in majesty and all the glory of... Continue Reading →

Literature and Christianity by Ryan Henry

There are many benefits to study secular literature. One reason is to better learn about different cultures, and another to be able to present the gospel in a clear and understandable way. By reading secular literature one can learn how to communicate and relate in a given context. By reading African-American literature one might learn of struggles... Continue Reading →

Order or Chaos

In 1 Corinthians 14:33, Paul tells us that “...God is not a god of confusion…” We see this orderliness in Genesis one, God created everything in a particular order and time. We again, see this orderly fashion when God gives Solomon  His measurement for the temple(1 Kings 9). Again, God’s precision is seen when Noah... Continue Reading →

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