Order or Chaos

In 1 Corinthians 14:33, Paul tells us that “…God is not a god of confusion…” We see this orderliness in Genesis one, God created everything in a particular order and time. We again, see this orderly fashion when God gives Solomon  His measurement for the temple(1 Kings 9). Again, God’s precision is seen when Noah is given precise numbers for the ark he is to build. Our God is a God of order and precision.
To see this precision in nature just look in a mirror. If God’s numbers were off, you would be looking at some completely different creation. Look at the sun, if God were to miscalculate the distance in either direction we either burn or freeze. To be mathematical is to be accurate and orderly. This skill can be practiced and obtained. We are made in God’s image; therefore, we are made to be orderly and precise.


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