Sin & Culture by Ryan Henry

No one likes to be called out on their flaws or wrongdoings, and our culture has become numb or passive to sin. Our culture seems to esteem certain sins higher or lower than others. Take for instance gay marriage, this sin has become a hot topic as of late in courts and homes across the country. The Christian has the view that gay marriage is wrong according to God’s Word. However, our culture considers same sex marriage as OK, “If two people are in love why can’t they be married.” Because, it is wrong. Premarital sex is another sin that is looked over by our over sexed culture. Sex in any form has become “normal” and acceptable. I can speak from personal experience regarding premarital sex, it (premarital sex) produces consequences that can be life altering from STDs to unplanned/unwanted pregnancies. There is a reason God gave us his commandments. These commandments were meant to protect, guide, and give us a more abundant life; a life free from the stress and heartache sin produces. Our culture today does not want to leave church feeling convicted, they want to leave church feeling lifted and feeling fuzzy. Sin is a topic of avoidance in most town squares, but when sin is brought to light sin loses its power over the individual allowing the individual to begin the healing and restoration processes wrought by God through Christ and the Holy Spirit. Our calling, as Christians, is to not only be image bears of God but to be the standard bears of Christ. I have recently become more aware of this fact and will continue anew in this endeavor. Father, let us learn to never despise your Holy Spirit’s conviction of our sins. Father, help us to use that conviction to turn from our sin and temptations to become more Christ like and to not hate or condemn those living in sin, nor the same for ourselves. Help us to show love in grace and truth. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  • Photo courtesy of James Gillray – Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, LC-USZC4-3138 (color film copy transparency), uncompressed archival TIFF version (4 MB), level color (pick white and black point), cropped and converted to JPEG (quality level 88) with the GIMP 2.4.5., Public Domain,




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  1. The church of God does look different from the world in standard and in love. Anything that does not stand out in these two ways is not the church no matter what it calls itself. That statement really convicts me.


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